Why is it better to use an electric van for your business?

Why is it better to use an electric van for your business?

Why is it better to use an electric van for your business?

In the professional sector, entrepreneurs and companies are thinking every day about the advantages of the use of an electric van. The ones located in big cities like London, Paris or Madrid are facing changes that affect a lot the traffic and therefore their delivery of product and services. The restrictions and regulations make it harder to circulate or to park efficiently in the cities and the use of polluting vehicles also becomes a constrainin term of price. The price of the gas is going up, the taxes on the polluting vehicles too and the repairs are still far from being cheap.

Some incentives are made by Governments such as financial help for Small and Medium enterprises but also for the bigger ones who want to integrate electric vehicles into their activity.


What kind of company use electric vehicles?

A lot of different sectors of activity are acquiring electric vehicles. The ones using fleet of vehicles are the most concerned ones such as the food-delivery companies, technical or construction work companies, maintenance companies, postal delivery companies etc.

Today, if we can see more electric vehicle in our cities, it is also thanks to the e-commerce industry. In fact, the online stores or online selling businesses tend to use more electric vehicles to transport and deliver their products or services.

It is obviously a great opportunity for them to reduce their energy consumption and their costs. In the past, companies would pick a diesel model of van for its cheaper consumption. Now, they are the most prone to the traffic restrictions so, the electric vehicles are the best solution to freely drive through the cities. Plus, they give a well-valued eco-responsible image to every company operating with them.

What are the different existing models of electric van?

In this market, different models are available answering different type of needs. New models are coming every year with lots of improvements, particularly in the autonomy of the vehicle.

Please find below 6 examples of electric vans that could be what your business needs.

  1. Electric Van: New-NV200 Evalia– NISSAN.
  2. Electric Van: New KANGOO Z.E. – RENAULT.
  3. Electric Van: Electric Berlingo- CITROËN.
  4. Electric Van: Partner Electric- PEUGEOT.
  5. Electric Van: Partner Tepee Electric- PEUGEOT.
  6. Electric Van: E-vito – MERCEDES