What is Pole?

The POLE is a charging point for electric vehicles. You can quickly charge your electric car due to its semi-fast charge to 22 kW power.
It is perfect for public space, highways and public institutions. It is design to be set up outside with its stainless steel and simplify for a daily use.


Check and know the charging status of your electric vehicle.

Intensity and power

Select yourself  the loading intensity thanks to the selector.

It fits your home and your energy consumption.


It is designed with stainless steel quality and interior protection.

  • loading speed range from 6 to 32 amp
  • semi-fast charge to 22 kW power
  • connect from 1 to 3 connectors




You can customize the display with colors and logo.


Application Charge&Pay with the protocol OCPP can be installed on request, to redistribute the input energy.


Use a key to access to the behind door and control and maintain easily your charging station.