Wall-mounted charging point for electric cars

The NEW WALLBOX charging point is a semi-fast electric vehicle charger in mode 3 up to 22 KW.


New Wallbox is the ideal solution to recharge electric vehicles in hotels, shopping centers, supermarkets, hypermarkets and fleet parking. New Wallbox is a charger made with a polished aluminum alloy, a material of great robustness and high-quality which make it ideal charger for outdoor installations.

Depending on the product model, a three-phase or single-phase charge can be made, both framed in mode 3 IEC 61851. The equipment has an AC charger with selectable output socket: Type 1 (SAE j1772) OR type 2 (IEC 62196, Mennekes) with included 5-meter-long cable. The Socket model has a type 2 plug.

  • Semi-fast charge up to 22 kW, depending on the model.
  • High-quality, resistant materials that make it very attractive and useful for outdoor installations.
  • LED backlight that indicates the charging status of the electric vehicle.
  • Possibility of socket or cable mode; being able to choose the most convenient configuration.
  • Possibility of mounting the charging point on a stainless-steel pedestal


  1. WallboxOk Cloud management system to control the charging point online. (Optional)
  2. Activation lock of the charging point for avoiding the manipulation of third parties.
  3. Additional Schuko connector to the existing connector. (Optional)
  4. Customizable front screen to adapt to your brand. (*It is necessary to acquire more than one charging point for this possibility)


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