EV PORTABLE | Take your charger with you!

The EV Portable is a small, light and portable charger, perfect for a safe ride independent from the public charging stations. It allows you to charge your car in any place with its power of 22 kilowatts and 32 Amp. Thanks to its adaptors, it is now possible to charge your vehicle on any plug in the world.

UP WALLBOX | Adapt the charging speed and save on your bills

The UP Wallbox, allows you to manually select the instensity and the speed for the charge from 6 to 32 Amps. This innovation offers you an economical and energy-efficient recharge. Be sustainable and save money on your bills

New wallbox design

NEW WALLBOX | Recharge at your favorite hotel or shopping center

The NEW WALLBOX is smart and adapts to the needs. Its shape is designed to be easily installed in companies as well as in hotels' parking lots or shopping centers. Its elegant design is customizable with your brand and the name of your company. It has a polished aluminium finish, effective and classy. Get your unique charger!

POLE | Charge at your workplace or in public areas

Pole is a semi-fast charging point that goes to a maximum of 22 kilowatts.
It is the ideal solution to charge an electric vehicle in public and private areas, or on your company's parking facility. public and private institutions, and in electric stations. High quality equipment, its body made out of stainless steel makes it ready to face exterior environments with its robustness and anti-vandalism design.


WallboxOk’s team have created a web platform designed to manage, control, modify and check your E.V’s recharge.