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WallboxOk is a supplier of charging solutions for electric cars. Our company appeared from a need on the market of electric vehicles. We produce different types of products, from Wallbox to Portable chargers for electric cars.

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WallboxOk gathers people from different horizons but with the same quality: they are experts. This company was born in order to meet the requirements of the EV market. We focus our expertise on quality and safety to offer you, today, the best EV chargers possible.







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New Wallbox

This New Wallbox has been especially conceived for a domestic use in residential garages, community garages, companies or other places such as hostels or shopping malls. It is compatible with the majority of connectors from hybrid or electric vehicles and easy settable on a wall. With the automatic starting mode system and the retro lightning with led on the box, you can charge your car easily and supervise the charging state of your vehicles.


EV Portable

The EV Portable Charger is perfect for travelling with your electric car without worrying about finding a charging station. This small, compact and light charger allows you to charge your car anywhere with a power up to 22kw and 32 amperes of intensity. Thanks to its adapters, it is now possible to charge your car on any current socket in the world.

UP Wallbox

The UP Wallbox for electric cars is the ideal solution for charging an electric car without worrying that the fuse blows in your house. It allows to manually select the charging intensity from 6 to 32 amperes thanks to intensity speed selector. Thanks to this innovation, you can choose to regulate the intensity in function of the energy consumed in the habitation. Forget about the Wallbox that do not allow you to choose the speed intensity and force you to adapt your consumption of energy!



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